5 college girls you’ll see in every class

During your time in college, my dear bros, you’re going to meet a lot of people, and all of this social interaction is going to be really helpful in the future, when you’re out adulting and wearing ties. You’re going to make a lot of friends, too, whether you only meet once and get blacked out together, or it’s your awesome roomie(s).

You’re also going to meet a lot of girls in college, whether you’re in the same group for a project, you happen to sit next to them every lecture, or you meet in a social setting. If you’re ever interested in going on a date or looking for something a little more casual, one of the first places you might look is in the classroom.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to ask them out, see if they’d be down to hookup (good luck with that), or even just be friends, but just in case you had to go to an all boys’ school your whole life or are an alien, here’s the rundown on some of the girls you’ll see in class.

Uggs Girl

Bun up, coffee in hand, cozy sweater on, and yoga pants seemingly every day; for every class you take there be at least one of these girls, usually around three. You may think that this girl isn’t bae material, but bro, you’re wrong; the girl who can wear limited makeup, have her hair up in a bun, and wears leggings to class on most days is actually the kind of girl you’ll be glad you wifed up.

Have you noticed that whenever she walks into class you still look at her for a moment? Yeah, you don’t realize it but you know she’s a beauty; if you’re able to get her digits and arrange a date, prepare to be amazed at how amazing she’s gonna look when you pick her up.

It takes a certain kind of girl to just wear the essentials to school when some other girls are dressed to the nines seemingly every day; these Uggs Girls are low key confident, low key gorgeous, and… probably taken. Uggs Girl either isn’t one to give out her f*cks, or she’s got a bae back at her place waiting for her to get home.

You never know if she’s dating or hooking up with someone, so give it a shot and ask her out. If she says yes, you better bring your A game to your first date; she knows she’s a hot commodity and both of you know who’s really in charge here.

All About Those Grades, Bout Those Grades (No Dudes)

For every Uggs girl there’s the girl who’s all about those grades; it seems like her only interest is to get her degree as fast as possible so she can bitch slap the world. She’s getting A’s on her tests when you study for hours on end and barely squeak by with a C, and it just seems to come naturally to her.

Should you try to get her digits? Well, you can certainly try , but she’s pretty good at reading people and if you’re not a Type A like her, you might not be successful.

Heck, you might not even have chemistry if you’re able to get her to go out on a date. That can happen with anyone of course, but Type A’s kind of need another Type A to ride their waves with; they’re all about forward progress and seem to focus less on enjoying the moment and more on the future, which may not be your cup of tea.

If you want someone you can conquer the universe with, she’s your gal.

The Quiet One

You sit near her on the first day of class, but she never utters more than a few sentences all semester. You fill in the last bubble for your final exam, and as you get up for the last time, you make eye contact, but only for a moment, and then you’re gone, like nothing ever happened (well, nothing did).

That’s probably the last you’ll ever see of her, and now you’ve missed your chance to get her number. If you happen to come across her on Tinder or some other college dating app, you better swipe right!

There’s just something about her that draws you towards her, but you can’t quite put a finger on it; she’s mysterious, low key pretty, and you feel like if you ever dated her it would take you a lifetime to really figure her out. It’s that combination that catches your eye, but since she’s so quiet, how are you going to get her to open up?

Maybe she’s shy, or she simply doesn’t care to talk to you; either way, it won’t hurt to at least try to get her number. With this kind of girl, you’re going to have to do most of the talking; you’ll need to be funny or charming enough to get her to open up, and then you’ll have to be a good conversationalist to keep her interested in talking to you.

If you’re able to get her to go out with you, you’re a lucky guy; The Quiet One is no easy catch, but they sure are worth it.

The Ratchet

Somehow, some way, ratchet girls always find their way onto a college campus. Luckily for everyone they’re easy to spot, but you’ll actually want to avoid these thotties at all costs; they only bring trouble, they’re insane, and who knows what kind of tests they’ve failed lately (not the ones you take in class).

The ratchet girl may have a big booty or wear tight clothes all the time, but do not get with her; she’s trouble.

I don’t care if she’s flirting with you every time she comes to class; you do no hookup or even get the number of ratchet girls! They might be freaky in bed or do whatever you want, but eventually this snake is going to bite you.

If her name is something like “Mercedes”, you should know to stay far away. You’re in college; get yourself a girl who’s there for a reason, and who will actually leave the place with a degree, not an STD.

Every Other Girl

Did you really think that every girl could be put into a certain box? Of course they can’t; girls are complex and can fit into many ‘categories’ at the same time, while us guys are bit less dimensional than that, at least in my opinion.

One girl you see in class could easily be a Quiet One and Uggs Girl, or any other combination; and I certainly didn’t cover every ‘category’, but it doesn’t matter. If you see a girl in class that you’re interested in, just go up and talk to her ; you never know if you don’t try, and for all you know she’s been trying to get herself to talk to you all semester.

College is a time for you to date and figure out what you want in a partner, and through your experiences you’ll make yourself a better partner for the one who is truly meant to be with you. For all you know, she’s sitting right next to you.

If you want to learn about girls you’ll date in college, check out the video below.


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