5 Reasons you need to start sexting now

Sexting is common among U.S. adults, and although the practice is often portrayed as risky or just bad behavior, it may have benefits for couples, a new study suggests. In the study, 870 people ages 18 to 82 filled out an online survey about sexting, which is defined as sending or receiving sexually explicit text messages or photos with a cell phone. Overall, 88 percent of the participants said they had sexted with at least one person in their lifetime.

About 74 percent said they sexted when they were in a committed relationship, and 43 percent said they sexted during a causal relationship. Only 12 percent said they sexted with someone else, while cheating on their partner. Sweet talking your bae makes her feel special and helps intensify the feelings she already has for you. Your desire to sext her ‘til she sweats builds your love and desire as you strive to please her.

Sexting is also a way to keep the lines of communication open and this is a must for any successful relationship. Finally, it is one way to make your day go by faster and help both of you be primed and ready for an eventful evening in the sack. Besides sexual and relationship satisfaction, there are plenty of other wonderful reasons why every single one of us should be sexting.It’s casual: And speaking of relationships, the more casual the relationship, the better the sexting. Sexting is positively associated with satisfaction when it came to adults who were in relationships that were not very committed.

As for adults who were in very committed relationships, sexting and satisfaction didn’t really go hand-in-hand. So get out of that weird long term boring relationship, find a hot hookup partner, and start sexting. It will be casual, and since you’re not in a relationship it is guaranteed a good time. Sexting is the modern day relationship and it is becoming more and more popular and kids are starting to pick up on sexting as young as middle school. It calms you down: Sexting can be used as a distraction. If you’re feeling anxious, all you have to do is text your boyfriend and get him to send you a dick pic or a flirty message about what he wants to do to you tonight.

That thing that concerned you five minutes ago is nowhere near on your radar now.He will calm your nerves down knowing you are going to get laid in just a few hours. Not only this but, If you’ve been in a dating black hole and your game is not happening, a good, lasting sexting session will sustain you for a long time. You can just go back and re-read the conversation later if you get horny again. No more mess: Real life sex can be messy. Real life sex comes with emotional bullsh*t, unflattering light and exchanges of weird body fluids. Say buh-bye to all of these and start sexting. The connection you can get via sexting is unique and intimate, but it doesn’t actually require you to risk STDs or put your heart on the line. It also doesn’t require to actual partake in the act of sex, but you can still feel hot and turned on from your iPhone. It’s a wonderful way to have sex without actually having sex.

You can be verbal: You don’t always get to use your words during real sex. Some people love to talk dirty but that can also lead to a lot of awkward silences in the bedroom and you may not be down for that. Sexting lets you get better at talking so next time you head to the bedroom, or wherever you go, you will be a pro. Face-to-face dirty talk is a good time, just don’t overthink it and let it be fun. Let the conversation unfold naturally and don’t try too hard to come up with something super-sexy to say. The person on the opposite side of the screen loves you for who you are and expects all of your nerdiness, quirkiness, and sheer awesomeness to radiate in your messages – even the dirty ones.

So don’t be nervous, get dirty and have fun!It makes your life exciting: Real sex has to be planned. It has to be done somewhere private and quiet, where nobody can hear you or catch you in the act, or some people aren’t into the whole private thing and are down to do it anytime and any place. But sexting can be done anywhere, any time. You can even sext at work, at the library, or just doing normal day-to-day activities. Sexting is the resourceful way to satisfy your horniness whenever it strikes. Whether you’ve been together for 10 weeks or 30 years, sexting is a fun way to keep the passion and magic alive.

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